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A Word From The Author

There are many little ways to enlarge the world with knowledge and power, and that is found in a book. The love of books is the beginning of wisdom, and it is the best way to empower oneself and enlarge one’s own capacity to do and excel. 

Writing this book “Wealth of Riches is the most remarkable experience for me, the information in it did not come from mediocrity, but from sources that have proved that success and prosperity are achievable. 

As you begin to read the book, close your eyes for a moment and see yourself excelling beyond man’s comprehension because you are the next to shine.

Oyewola Oyeleke
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

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What Readers Are Saying

These are real people from different background who testify of what the book carries inside.

Just at the right time. when you have been looking for a book that says it all. This is a good book with all-around information for success. I have my copy, and for those I’m sending it out as a gift.

Bob Paleczany

Union , USA

I am not surprised at all. Oyewola has been a rare gem, he has the word and he never stops to give all he has for others to enjoy. The Wealth of Riches in this book is too plenty for anyone to be left out of success. kudos bro!

Baron Uloma

Lagos, Nigeria

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. This is one of the books that will push you over the fence to the other side of happiness and wealth. This book is loaded with treasure.

Jany AndreiChua

New Jersey, USA

My sister read this book and went away with it, I have to buy another one for myself and get one for other friends. I know that I will be helping them become another kind of person entirely. Great book. Intelligent writer.

Hope Idele

Ontario Canada

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Professor Terry Benjamin

The author is a skilled and prolific writer. He brought unsearchable wisdom and information to mankind through this book.

I have read hundreds of books and I must confess that this one is a rare cube. This is a dream come true for me and everyone in search of something unique and educating as I  journey together with the readers to explore the Wealth of Riches

Professor Terry Benjamin – Writer, Teacher,